Imagine embarking on a journey to tranquility with a unique combination of NAD+ infusion and red light therapy, a serene experience that stands apart from any traditional IV infusion you might have encountered.

The Well-Being Visit steps in to fulfill this need by offering a holistic and patient-centered approach to 

  • Getting better sleep
  • Naturally increasing energy
  • improving brain fog
  • aide to control your ADHD
  • decrease inflammation
  • increasing mental clarity and focus
We are your next step on your health journey!

At Home Well-Being Services

The NAD+ experience

Allow for this to be a space for achieving total physical and emotional ease. With a twist on the modern wellness modality of IV infusion, I offer an experience unlike no other. A few benefits include improved sleep, increase energy levels, curves cravings and decreases brain fog.

IV Infusion

Offers a rapid and efficient way to deliver essential nutrients and hydration directly into your bloodstream, providing immediate relief from dehydration and nutrient deficiencies.

Red Light Therapy

Boost your body's natural healing power with RLT. By drawing in blood flow to the areas exposed, cells of the body are optimized to function at their full potential. Collagen production increases, bringing blood to ackey joints and skin conditions such as eczema are psoriasis have less flare up.


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